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Our personal Belgian dictionary

Broodje: In Dutch, typical sandwich. Similar to the ones of Subway. In it they can get to put everything you can imagine. They eat it very often when they are hurry (between classes, f.e.), especially students.

Boterham (Dutch)/Tartine (French): Imagine a slice of bread with chocolate, chicken and curry, butter, ham, cheese or two slices of chorizo, and BEND IT! In Belgium is essential in every family, once a day, each day.

Cantus: A party divided into 4 parts, which you will only remember 1, hopefully the second one and the 20 times that you had to pee. Is a typical student party in Flanders where the huge intake of beer is accompanied by the singing (usually in Dutch, English and even in latin) of some drunken voices. Students frequently end up doing a striptease or any kind of wild dance on top of tables, with the following awakening with their body full of bruises. Anyway, is necessary to enjoy one, at least, once in life, although is not recommended to attend more than 3 Cantus per week. It might also be used as a synonym for “madness”. We will devote a post to them.

Curryketchup: Is a kind of ketchup mixed with curry. If you get it in your burguer by mistake and you are not used to it… you will have to throw it away (unless you are the only ‘no Belgian’ who likes it!) Be clear, always, BE CLEAR AND PAY ATTENTION every time you buy something in a Frituur!

Frituur: It is a typical Belgian/Flemish “restaurant”/stand where you’ll find Belgian fries and an long and amazing list of sauces. Also there, you can find a wide variety of meat balls, typical Belgian hamburgers (Bicky Burguer is one example), nuggets… and a great haven for all fried. No doubt: is a “Typical Belgium”. (ATTENTION: Here there is curryketchup).

Hageslag: Little chocolate chips. With them you can “build” a boterham of 58955613352 calories: photo

Kot: Belgian student house (Here nobody lives in flats). In general, with shared bathrooms and kitchen.

Smakelijk!: ‘Bon appetit’ in Dutch

Speculoos: An incredible and incredible and incredible kind of cookie with a little taste of cinnamon. Famous in Belgium and France. Photo


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