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Why so busy during this last month? PUKKELPOP Festival, AALST CARNIVAL, MEGABUS… and a lot more!

Sara Sánchez González

Very busy month without writing posts. Why? We are telling you EVERYTHING outright!


1. We started March in one of the best Carnivals of Belgium and worldwide: AALST CARNIVAL!


Train ticket in our hands and leopard costume on, we joined hundreds of people who attend this celebration, declarated a Patrimony of the Humanity by the UNESCO. And it was no wonder… take a look at the motorised carriages, the festive atmosphere and the happiness which were flooding the streets of Aalst during a blinding sunny day in Flanders.


2. Trying to get rid of our hangover, we couldn’t do anything better than resting. And what is the best way? Lying on the couch and reflecting on how to go on and enjoy life aftewards. So, thinking and thinking… we found out a great deal! OPEN YOUR EYES WIDE: MEGABUS!



Trip Brussels-London for only 6 EUROS! Incredible, right? But the bus won’t take you only to London, from Brussels, Ghent and Antwerpen you will be able to travel, in a few hours, to any destiny in The Netherlands, Germany or United Kingdom!


3. Still curious? Our next stop have been: THE ART OF THE BRICK, one exhibition of scultures made with Lego pieces in Brussels: a delight for the palade of small and big people…



The exhibition The Art of the Brick, allows you to play as a child!




4. PUKKELPOP. If you are all already planning your summer in Belgium and, apart from TOMORROWLAND, you won’t miss the International music festival more famous of Flanders… i hope you had got your ticket for PUKKELPOP or find quickly yours! PUKKELPOP is a music festival celebrated in Kiewit, close to Hasselt, and its programme is significant due to the wide variety of music styles suck as rock, hip-hop, dance, punk and heavy metal. Only disadvantage? COMBITICKETS to enjoy this festival during its three days (14, 15 and 16 August) are sold out in a few days! However… this is not the end of the world because you have still more options if you are trying to get your ticket!



5. We finish the post with the CURIOSITY OF THE WEEK!:  A HUGE CONDOM SHOWED UP IN THE MAIN SQUARE OF LOUVAIN-LA.NEUVE! Thanks to a journey of sexuality organized by a studentenkot, citizens have been able to get in a condom TO PLAY BOWLING and get numerous gifts! Funny, eh?


We won’t rest this month either! Enjoy! Try to find your tickets for Pukkelpop festival! Take a look at Megabus and don’t miss a detail of your stay in Belgium! p



Photos: Jennifer Vidal


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