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Dream, laugh, walk around and discover one of the smallest but more magical and curious countries in Europe!

What might happen to you while visiting Mechelen?

MECHELEN (in Dutch, Malinas in Spanish and Malines in French) is a city of Belgium, located in the region of Flanders, in the province of Antwerp and only 25 km from Brussels. Full of impressive buildings and with large number of ornate palaces, churches and cathedrals, Mechelen was once the capital of the Netherlands at the time of the Dukes of Burgundy and the place where King Charles I breed during their first years of life. The city is currently the ecclesiastical capital of the country. Apparently there is nothing you should worry about when you are going to visit it, but… are you curious to know what might happen to you there?

Sara Sánchez González

1. You might have to walk through the most unexpected and surprising places, fearing for your life…


2. And meanwhile… you might take the risk of being drowned by one octopus!


3. You might want to show affectionate but, sorry, ducks from Mechelen don’t like to be caressed


4. In addition, you might have to face, without prior notice, the contradictory fact that a Bank gives you hot chocolate for free! A BANK GIVING YOU THINGS WITH NOTHING IN RETURN! We must recognize that we drank it with the fear that, in the twinkling of an eye, the Bank had opened an account for us, charged commissions for this and removed a 10% of our shitty salary just by sitting during 1 minute on their seats…


5. And as if it were not enough… in the case you got a bit tipsy… you might be tossed on a blanket in the middle of the Main Square!


  • *The History tells that, in the past, a very drunk man was tossed in the middle of the Main Square by a group of people. And I am wondering… how excessively decorated all the squares around the world would be if someone built one statue in honor of this kind of moments? In my point of view, the Golden Age of Sculpture would be still occuring!

6. Finally, you might fall in love with the beauty of the architecture of its Main Square, its Town Hall building, its botanical garden and the walks next to the water canals, which allow you to enjoy beautiful views! (and this is not irony!).



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