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Vegetables and soup FOR FREE!

Sara Sánchez González: My curiosity of the week


Free vegetables in the market of Louvain-la-Neuve

I was pleasantly surprised last Saturday due to a very interesting “offer” in the market of Louvain-la-Neuve: free vegetables and soup! I.e., here who is not healthy is because he doesn’t want to! A cart full of vegetables or one stand which offers you tastings of lot of types of soup, both will allow citizens to take home some healthy ingredients  and follow a healthy and balanced diet, additionally for free! But the best, apart from its price, of course, is that this practice is common throughout the year in this market, both Tuesday as Saturday.

But really don’t they ask anything in return? At all! “Only” more Governments transparency, a better distribution of wages, accomodation for people who can’t affort a house…


This is, without a doubt, an original initiative which tries to educate people, politicians, kids… and make citizens happier and healthier!


¡Encuentra la versión española de esta entrada aquí!


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