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PANNENKOEK: a delicious snack only until 6 p.m.!

Ángela Ruz Calero: My curiosity of the week

Translation into English: Sara Sánchez González

You might go to a bar, restaurant or come up against one of the thousands of street stands and find something written on the menu: PANNENKOEK. And one Spaniard, taking into account the “wide” variety of languages that he knows, will ask himself: What is this? It is none other than a classic French crèpe but with a difference: finest (sometimes bigger). Pannenkoeken are typical from Belgium and the Netherlands (from here the word, in Dutch), although in Belgium is lagging behind waffles and chocolate. That is normal, what a stiff competition!

Here, in contrast to The Netherlands, the most traditional pannenkoeken are those with sugar, jam or chocolate, although they are innovating more and more and add other flavors, such as the famous speculoos and hagelslag. Normally, Belgians love them for breakfast of snacks in the afternoon, and they are served warm (although there are some houses where you can find pannenkoeken on the table every day!).

And what is their strangest peculiarity? THEY ARE ONLY SERVED UNTIL 6 P.M.! It is true that is a normal hour to have dinner here and usually establishments close their doors and, although making pannenkoeken is something very easy…, after that time the majority of chefs will dedicate you one smile and tell you very kindly that the kitchen is closed for preparing this meal!

They are perfect to warm up the bodies after walking through the cold Belgian streets, so forget the chocolate, the fries and the waffles for a while and give you a tribute eating a warm and delicious pannenkoek! Bonne appétit y Smakelijk!


Speculoos*, hagelslag* and Smakelijk* –> Our personal “Belgian” dictionary

¡Encuentra la versión española de este artículo aquí!


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