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My curiosity of the week

Sara Sánchez González

You need only to open a newspaper to find any curiosity. If you choose the Belgian and free one from Wallonie, METRO, to entertain your journey in a train that stops in 30 stations, you will bump into a declaration of love! If you are one frequent passenger of the railway network in Belgium and you’ve ever noticed that someone else looked at you as If he/she wanted to buy your next train ticket or as If you were the God/Godness of the wagon, please do not hesitate to read the section KISS&RIDE, especially dedicated to confessions of love and “desperate” searches for passengers who any day had a crush with, because you might find yourself with a very pleasant surprise and a secret admirer! Very interesting!

Periódico METRO. Valonia.

Periódico METRO. Valonia.

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