De pendoneo por Belgium

Dream, laugh, walk around and discover one of the smallest but more magical and curious countries in Europe!

Welcome to Belgium!

i_love_belgium_round_sticker-r361c3652da1948f397d94316322782d7_v9wth_8byvr_512This blog will contain fun, enjoyment, curiosities, habits that you can’t believe If you are not living here, impressions, citytrips, feelings, and especially the life of some people who walks, by change or without it, around a country you would fall in love with since the first instant you step upon a popular and greasy belgian fried potato, since you pee together with the Manneken Pis, since you are dying of thirst one day and you realize that buying a bottle a water is not worth it due to two litres of beer are much cheaper, since you gain weight because of the enormous intake of waffles, since you die after a Cantus, since you smell one Frituur, since you have to mix in a same conversation Dutch, French, German and English, since you taste by mistake the curryketchup, since you get soaked by bike due to you went out just because IT WAS a beautiful and uncommon sunny day in Belgium, since… Okay, is true, everything seems horrible, BUT If you put attention to stories, articles and photographs that me, Sara Sánchez, and some great other  Spanish-Belgian collaborators will publish here, you’ll definately note that living and spending a time in Belgium might be a synonymous of happiness and laughter.  And is me who assures it, a girl who came for 9 months as Erasmus and, although had to return in Spain for a while, I’m back a few months later, BECAUSE I AM HOOKED ON THIS COUNTRY!

Cantus* Frituur* Curryketchup* –> Our personal “belgian” dictionary

Encuentra la versión española de este artículo aquí


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